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After several request and a little push from a good friend of mine, I started dancing Tango Argentino with her in 2002. Since then, it's been lots of fun. A bit more complicated than I thought at first, once it does get into your feet, it's forevered.

Tango Argentino is not Ballroom Tango. It's a much more intimate dance and it's never danced for competition. It is danced over beautiful music, and it's something that can be done everywhere. It's one of my hobbies I've been the most proud of. I also got to become fluent in Dutch on the way since Marianne, my dance partner, took it upon herself to have me learn to speak her language at the same time.

Below are some short flash animation I made for a friend's website of the basic steps in Tango Argentino.

Caminar Basic Walking. Two variations: parallel and crossed
Paso Cruzado Crossover step from the follower
Cortes Slow or quick movement without change of weight
Ochos A movement in the shape of the number eight
Giros A circular walk around the leider
Sacadas A break in the direction of the dance
Ganchos A hook from the leg of the follower
Boleos A broken Ocho makes the follower's leg fly




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