Lloyd Keays

Name: Keays, Lloyd (Joseph Lloyd Eden)
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Dutch, Canadian
Birthday: 08-08-1972
Languages: French, English, Dutch, and basic German
Place of living: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Work: Senior Solutions Consultant Emea
Marital status: Married
Birthplace: Québec City, Canada
Education: Master's in Demographic History


  • Ariba Solutions Consulting Certification (2012) :
    • Upstream (Spend Visibility, Sourcing, Auctions, Supplier Performance
    • Downstream (eProcurement, Catalogue Management, eInvoicing)
    • Network (Procurement to Invoice automation, supply chain discounting)
  • SAP SRM Implementation Certification (2008)
  • Dutch Naturalization (2004)
  • Dutch State Level Examinations certificate (2003)
  • German stages(3) in Vienna, Austria
  • Master's in French Demographic history at Laval University - Stages in France (1998)
  • 8th degree Classical Piano
  • French Teacher Aid (1995)
  • Bachelor's at Laval University, Canada (1994)
  • French and English High Schools
  • Born and raised in Québec City, Canada (1972)


  • Various change management, procurement and supply chain optimization projects and designs in Europe, Africa and North America
  • Key Speaker at procurement events
  • Consultative selling, solution designs, interface and application development
  • Global Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Network Automation Senior Consultancy
  • 5 years eProcurement Consultancy (2010)
  • 5 years Strategic Sourcing Consultancy (2005)
  • Internet web production related work in Montréal, Canada (prior to 2001)


  • Video and multimedia production (artistic and business)
  • Web Design
  • Tango Argentino




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